How to Enable Shape Map in Power BI

The Shape Map feature is a preview feature in Power BI, which means it is not fully stable and changes over time. Hence, to enable the Shape Map feature in Power BI, you will need to learn how.

The Shape map is a visual representation of geographical data that allows users to create map visualizations. It uses vector-based maps, which provide more detailed and accurate geographic information.

With Shape Map, you can create visualizations, such as country, state, and city, and format the maps with suitable colors and styles to highlight specific data points.

In this article, I will explain how to enable the Shape Map option in the Visualization pane to create stunning reports in Power BI.

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Getting started

To start with, open your Power BI Desktop on your computer, then go to the top menu, and select File.

Then click on Options and settings. In the drop-down menu, select Options. This will open the Options window.

how to enable shape map in power bi - monocroft

In the left sidebar of the Options window, select Preview Features. This will show a list of all the preview features available in Power BI.

how to enable shape map in power bi - monocroft

Look for Shape Map Visual on the list, then check the box next to it, to enable the feature. Then click on the OK button to save the changes.

how to enable shape map in power bi - monocroft

After this, close Power BI Desktop and launch again it for the changes to take effect. Now, you will see the Shape Map option in the Visualizations pane when you try creating a new report.

You can customize the map by adding data, changing colors and styles, and adding filters once you have enabled the Shape Map feature.

Conclusion: How to Enable Shape Map in Power BI

It is important to note that, Shape Map is a preview feature, which means that it may not be completely stable and may undergo future changes.

Finally, make sure you have the latest version of Power BI Desktop installed and your computer has a good internet connection when you use this feature to enjoy the best experience.

I hope you understood these steps.

Thanks for reading!